PSP – Faro District Command

The Public Security Police, known as PSP was formed in 1867. Its overall responsibilities are ensuring democratic legality, safeguarding internal security and the rights of its citizens in accordance with the constitution and laws of Portugal. The PSP is commanded by a National Director responsible to the Minister of Internal Affairs.

Its duties, defined in law, are diverse and include protection of key points, diplomatic protection, security of major events, traffic policing, private security and firearms licensing, crime prevention, investigation of crime, airport security and protection of persons and property within its areas of remit.

In addition to a number of specialized units in its headquarters, the structure comprises two Regional Commands (Madeira and Azores), 18 districts throughout the country including the Faro District Command which is responsible for policing designated areas throughout the Algarve. Specifically this comprises divisions and sub-divisions covering Faro Airport and the cities and towns of Portimão, Lagos, Faro, Olhão, Tavira and Vila Real de Santo António. There are approximately 870 PSP officers based in the Algarve which can be supplemented during the summer months in response to the influx of tourists.

More details about the PSP can be found through the link on our “Useful Links” page” and for the divisions in the Algarve by clicking on the links on the right of this page.

Message from the Faro PSP District Commander, National Police Superintendent Ricardo van Zeller Abreu Matos“Faro PSP District Command serves a peaceful and multicultural community, which provides for us a golden opportunity to learn something new, on a daily basis.

As District Commander, I´m proud to lead a team of excellent professionals, men and women, always ready and willing to assist and help anyone in need – we are always, in all times, at your service.

Our strongest commitment is to ensure that Algarve remains the beautiful, enjoyable and peaceful region that it is today.

We have the perfect notion that we can only achieve this goal, with the help and support of all the citizens, regardless of their nationality, religion or country of origin. Only together, through joint efforts, will it be possible to strengthen our community, promoting the well-being that we all deserve.

You can count on us, and we are sure that we can count on you.”

The District Headquarters can be found here: