PSP Lisbon Metropolitan Command

The Public Security Police, known as PSP was formed in 1867. Its overall responsibilities are ensuring democratic legality, safeguarding internal security and the rights of its citizens in accordance with the constitution and laws of Portugal. The PSP is commanded by a National Director responsible to the Minister of Internal Affairs.

For policing the majority of Lisbon (Portugals capital city) is under the jurisdiction of the PSP Lisbon Metropolitan Command. Apart from its headquarters, the Command comprises a number of specialised divisions covering criminal investigation, traffic, and security installations. The land area is divided into five divisions that cover the central part of Lisbon as well as six divisions covering the outer areas, namely: Amadora, Loures, Vila Franca de Xira (town only), Oeiras, Cascais and the central part of Sintra.

In addition the PSP Metropolitan Command is responsible for policing Lisbons International airport known as Lisbon Portela Airport.
More details about the PSP can be found on their website here.

Lisbon has one of the lowest crime rates of capital cities in Europe and is a safe place for visitors. As in any community there are various measures that both residents and visitors can take to keep it safe and these can be found in our Stay Safe Guide here. The latest news in English concerning the activities of the PSP can be found on our news page here.

Message from the Comandante Metropolitano da PSP de Lisboa, National Police Superintendent Jorge Alexandre G Maurício
As a representative of men and women who work and serve the citizens who live here, work here and who visit us, we would like to convey a promise of a permanent effort, dedication, and the delivery of a public service that enhances the quality of life for all citizens.
This is what motivates this team that works 24/7 on public roads and permanent service in their Police stations.
We intend to be always available, with rapid responses in a close relationship, but also enormous proactivity and efficiency, ensuring the safety of all.

The PSP of Lisbon exists to serve the community and provide satisfaction is our motivation.

Comandante Metropolitano da PSP de Lisboa
National Police Superintendent
Jorge Alexandre G Maurício

PSP Lisbon Metropolitan Command

  • Traffic Police
  • Criminal Investigation
  • Facilities Unit
  • Lisbon Airport
  • Division I – City Centre
  • Division 2 – Parque dos Nações area
  • Division 3 – Football Stadium area
  • Division 4 – Belem area
  • Division 5 – Penha França area
  • Amadora
  • Loures
  • Vila Franca de Xira
  • Oeiras
  • Cascais
  • Sintra
  • Public Transport Security Division
  • Cascais Tourist Post
  • Lisbon Tourist Post