A typical Nigerian scam was sent to us from a person who received this. These are very common on circulation each day. There is little that can be done in terms of investigation of these unless you actually respond and become involved in taking up the “offer”. Of course you will not receive anything, instead you will end up paying the fraudster. Shall you fall for this type of scam and have been de-frauded out of a sum of money then re port it to the Judicial Police.

“Greetings ,

I am Gen. Ali Abdullah Ayyoub, the Syrian Chief of Army Staff. Our Country has being at war for the past five years and the situation here is getting more difficult every day by day. The political situation in our country at the moment is very fragile and for many other internal problems we are facing, nobody knows what will happen  tomorrow in our country. I have about 22.5m USD under my control and I need a trusted and reliable partner outside Syria that can believe in so that I can send a greater part of the fund to for investment purpose before I move out of my Country because I have already made up my mind to abandon my office and escape.

This proposal is highly confidential and please I will appreciate delete it from your mail box if you cannot help me, but if its ok by you just let me know so that I give you more details.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Gen. Ali Abdullah Ayyoub.

aliaayyy565 (at) hotmail.com