Please be aware of this phishing attack that has been circulating in the last few days. The sender is Dawes – Info (at) and  it is entitled “Congratulations”. It reads as follows: 


This is a personal email directed to you, I am Dave Dawes, My fiance and I won a Jackpot Lottery of 101 million pounds (101 million), and we have voluntarily decided to donate the sum of 1 million pounds (1 million) to you as part of our own charity project to improve the lot of 5 unknown lucky individuals all over the world plus close friends and family.

If you have received this email then you are one of the lucky recipients and all you have to do is to contact Barr.Eduardo with Code: BMTU1005 via email (at) so that he can send your details to the payout bank for fund disbursement.

You can verify this by visiting the web pages below.


Good luck,

Dave Dawes.”


This is a dangerous phishing attack which has been around for two years, and it is based on the legitimate winners of the UK lottery a Mr and Mrs Dawes in 2012 who did give away some of their prize money. Using the url  of the Telegraph on-line news report of their winnings the scammer has included this in the above message giving the scam an air of legitimacy.