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Judicial Police dismantle operations of the HIVE Ransomware group.

The National Unit to Combat Cybercrime and Technological Crime (UNC3T) participated in the operation carried out against the HIVE ransomware group, which culminated today in the dismantling of the operations of this criminal group.

The investigations, which lasted several months, were carried out by various international partners, with the PJ/UNC3T hosting one of the operational work sessions that lasted a week, which was attended by more than 30 police officers from 13 countries (Germany, Canada, Spain, United States of America, France, Ireland, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, United Kingdom, Romania and Sweden) involved in the operation.

The group responsible for the HIVE ransomware was one of the most relevant cybercriminal groups worldwide, being suspected of having attacked Portuguese entities as diverse as hospital units, laboratory analysis companies, municipalities, transport/aviation companies, hotel units, technology companies, among others.

This group, after encrypting the victims’ data, demanded a ransom so that the data and information would not be published on the HIVE group’s website, hosted on the Dark Web.