The National Republican Guard (GNR) registered fewer accidents, fatalities and serious injuries in four days of Operation “New Year” than in 2016, Lieutenant Colonel Jorge Amada told Lusa news agency.

Speaking to Lusa, Lieutenant Colonel Jorge Amado said that in four days of the operation, 639 accidents were recorded, 303 fewer than last year, in the GNR area of ​​operation.

“Three fatalities were also recorded, four fewer than in 2016, seven seriously injured, 11 fewer than in 2016 and 256 minor injuries, 21 fewer than last year,” he said.

According to the GNR, of the 5,612 offences registered by the GNR, 700 were for alcohol excess, 1,813 for speeding, 162 for lack of safety belts or restraint systems, 153 for improper use of the mobile phone and 244 for lack of periodic inspection.