Three firefighters and five members of a team from Afocelca – (a forest fire prevention and control organization) – were injured in the fire that burned from midday on 3rd July in the area of ​​Crucifixo, Tramagal parish, Abrantes.

In the fire, three firefighters were injured, “victims of smoke inhalation and exhaustion,” and five firefighters from Afocelca for burns, according to Abrantes Mayor Maria do Céu Albuquerque.

Two of the eight victims – at least seven of whom were admitted to the Hospital de Abrantes – are in critical condition and the others are considered mild.

The two seriously injured were, however, transported to the burn unit of the Hospital de São José, in Lisbon, and another with slight injuries to Porto.

“At this point I can confirm that two patients, one of them heli-transported, were admitted to the intensive care unit for burns, both with a “reserved” prognosis ,” the official source of the Lisbon hospital told Lusa.

The fire, combated by 188 operations, 54 vehicles and two air vehicles, was in a “completion phase” at 1800 hrs on 3rd. There were no threats to homes, and the material damage is limited to those caused in a burned agricultural annex, which is not known to be used.

Also around noon, a fire broke out in Tomar, causing three light injuries, two firemen (from Constância and Maceira) and a civilian.

The mayor of the municipality Anabela Freitas said that some municipal roads and secondary roads and roads were cut “by precaution”, calling on people to respect the orders given to them.

He also highlighted the fact that he found that many homes had the range of fuel management done, but he regretted that others still present “grass until the house.”

According to CDOS de Santarém, the fire was in a “resolution phase” at1800 hrs and what aggravated the situation was “other fires in the district of Santarém”.

In the fight against the fires, 279 operatives, 76 vehicles and three air assets were involved, according to information on the civil protection page.