The 46-year-old woman is charged with concealment of a corpse in the back yard of her house, as she has not informed the authorities of her husband’s death, which occurred in early October. Yesterday, Louise Khan, (Scottish) appeared at the first judicial interrogation. A local court judge sent her away but with mandatory weekly appearances at the GNR.

According to reports, because she did not have the money for the funeral, Louise buried her husband in the very farm they had bought in Linhares da Beira, Municipality of Celorico of Beirag about six years ago. “What she did was a mistake, but she probably even buried her husband on the farm at his own request, since they were a couple with an alternative lifestyle, much like the hippies,” a neighbour told the Correio da Manha .

The woman had been detained at the GNR station in Celorico since Thursday, the day PJ found and removed her husband’s body. A summary judgment was scheduled for 11th February, but the defence lawyer asked for more time to prepare the case.

The results of the autopsy did not reveal signs of crime or violent death and, therefore, investigators believe that the 59-year-old man died of natural causes and following at the end stages of cancer.