Eight Chinese and one Portuguese were detained by the Porto Judicial Police for integrating a network of tax fraud that during the last few years may have allowed an illegal profit of around ten million euros, with the non-payment of direct and indirect taxes.

The Judiciary is also investigating a money laundering scheme involving several casinos, but mainly one in particular. Everything indicates that it was in that gambling house that the money – the profit of the clothing stores and the illegal casinos – was laundered.

Around 100 million euros were handled. The investigation, conducted in conjunction with the Tax Authority, allowed them to find several pieces of evidence.

In the course of the operation, which also had the cooperation of the Aliens and Borders Service and the Food and Economic Security Authority, five people were identified and arrested with false documentation, two for illegal entry and stay and one for possession of a prohibited weapon.

The eight Chinese arrested by the Judiciary Police are between the ages of 29 and 65 and are businessmen. The Portuguese is unemployed and acts as a liaison between the suspects and the casino. During the day, the group will be present to the judicial authorities for interrogation and enforcement of the coercion measures considered appropriate.