PSP closes establishment in Coimbra with 75 people, “most without a mask”

The closed establishment is located on Avenida Sá da Bandeira, in the city of the students.

The PSP closed a restaurant and drinks establishment on Avenida Sá da Bandeira, in Coimbra, at dawn on Tuesday 20th Oct, for failure to comply with the measures required by the State of Calamity.

In a statement sent to Notícias ao Minuto, PSP said that it received a complaint that the space was trading, with music inside, after the allocated trading hours.

Upon arriving at the establishment, at around 1:20 am, the agents spoke to the establishment manager, who assured him that he had “some customers”, but that they were already paying and were about to leave the premises.

The officer waited, but as the clients did not leave, they entered the establishment and found 75 people, most of them drinking alcohol and circulating without an individual protection mask, thus violating the rules in force.

For this reason, an order was given to close the establishment.

So far, the Coimbra Public Security Police Command has prepared 105 actions for offenses, for infractions related to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

GNR’s operation at the Portuguese Grand Prix in Formula 1 “went smoothly”

In a statement, the GNR stresses that “around 600 military personnel from various fields were engaged in a coordinated action to act in a preventive manner for all types of situations that could jeopardize the security of the event, plus the need to comply with the established rules in the current pandemic context “caused by covid-19.

GNR added that, during the event on Sunday, there was a relocation of people, to ensure compliance with the rules of the Directorate-General for Health (DGS), and today it was necessary to “redirect them, to some less filled stands”. Having this change was taken in conjunction with the race organization, to ensure the necessary social distance.

“It should be noted that the commitment was more intense, as expected, in the control of road traffic, as a result of the natural high influx of people to the venue simultaneously, noting, however, that the event took place in total safety”.

SEF detains foreign citizen with international arrest warrant for extradition

The Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF) this week arrested a foreign citizen in Portalegre who was the target of an international arrest warrant for extradition to the United Arab Emirates.

The detention was carried out at the SEF Portalegre Regional Delegation when the citizen presented himself there in order to request the granting of a temporary residence permit.

After consulting Interpol’s database, an alert inserted by the authorities of the United Arab Emirates was verified.

PSP searched several municipalities and detained seven people

The PSP have conducted 23 searches which resulted in 7 arrests, seizure of more than 10,000 doses of narcotic drugs (Hashish, Heroin, Cocaine, Liamba and Amphetamines), more than forty-four thousand euros in ECB notes (European Central Bank)

The Public Security Police plan of the Metropolitan Command of Porto, through the Criminal Investigation Division, on Monday 19th, triggered a police operation aimed at a wide range of individuals who were involved organized ring dedicated to drug trafficking in the area of Greater Porto.

The operation included 13 home searches and 10 non-home searches in: Porto, Matosinhos, Maia and Valongo, which resulted in seven arrests of individuals aged between 28 and 43 years of age.

The following items were seized: 5 580- doses of hashish, 2 297 doses of cocaine, 2 583 doses of Liamba, 141 doses of heroine, 397 doses of Amphetamines, various packages with anabolic steroids; € 44,807 in bank notes, two high-end motor vehicles, a money counting machine and objects used in the preparation and direct sale of narcotic drugs.

Man tries to kill girlfriend and blames self-mutilation

On Saturday 17th Oct at 1.30am an attempted homicide took place in a hostel on Avenida Almirante Reis, in Lisbon. The victim is in hospital, but her prognosis is not good.

A woman is fighting for her life after being brutally stabbed by her boyfriend. The crime took place in a hostel in Lisbon and the suspect has already been detained by the Judicial Police.

He is a Portuguese national and she is a Swiss national, the couple spent a few days in the Portuguese capital and returned to the hostel on Avenida Almirante Reis where he was staying, an argument induced by jealousy escalated.

The neighbours in adjacent rooms became aware of the violent argument and contacted 112 for help. The suspect opened the door to PSP agents, the first to arrive at the scene. The man appeared to be upset and had a cut on his hand, but the amount of blood on the bedroom floor revealed a more serious scenario.

The 47-year-old woman was on the floor with several deep stab wounds. She was first aided by the firemen of Penha de França, but given the severity of the injuries, it was necessary to call INEM. Despite being seriously injured, the victim was conscious and told the authorities that there had been a disagreement between the couple.

When questioned, the suspect claimed that his companion had self-mutilated and that it was not the first time and that he got the cut on his hand because he was trying to stop the woman from harming herself. The woman was transported to the hospital in critical condition and after having undergone surgery her prognosis is bad.

The hostel’s video surveillance images were crucial in finding out what happened on Saturday morning. According to the court, the woman had already filed several complaints in Switzerland against her partner for domestic violence.

The man will be presented in a court facing charges of the crimes of attempted homicide, domestic violence and the possession and use of a prohibited weapon.

The Challenges of Countering Human Trafficking in the Digital Era

Modern communication technologies – namely the internet, social media, and mobile applications – have significantly impacted how organised crime groups involved in international trafficking in human beings operate. Technology has broadened criminals’ ability to traffic human beings for different types of exploitation, including sexual and labour exploitation, the removal of organs, illegal adoption of children and forced marriages.

Human traffickers are using increasingly modern communication technologies to exploit their victim’s multiple times over:  from advertising and recruiting victims, to blackmailing them with photos and videos to control their movements. To counter this threat, we must use the great advantage of shared intelligence and collect more digital evidence to connect the dots between national and international investigations.

Fighting human trafficking is one of the EU and Europol’s top priorities and to mark the EU Anti-Trafficking Day 2020 Europol is publishing the challenges of countering human trafficking in the digital era.

Help Rescue and get stoned”: Fire commander revolted after ambulance attack in Carnaxide

An ambulance transporting patients was stoned Wednesday night 14th Oct by a group of people at Alto dos Barronhos in Carnaxide, Oeiras.

The patient and the two firefighters inside the vehicle had to take refuge at the Municipal Police station. Two PSP agents arrived at the scene but were unable to diffuse situation. Only once reinforcements arrived was it possible for the ambulance to leave the police station, under police escort.

Correio da Manhã spoke with Dafundo’s Fire Commander, Carlos Jaime, who considers this episode “revolting”.

“Firefighters help people and are stoned. It is revolting,” said Carlos Jaime, who confirmed to the CM that the firefighters who were driving the vehicle had been hit with stones when they were transporting a patient home. The stones were hurled by a group of six to seven people.

23 arrested in one week for property crimes

Twenty-three people were arrested last week, following several operations carried out by the Public Security Police (PSP) in the fight against crime for property crimes, namely thefts in various locations.

“Following the actions carried out by the Public Security Police in the fight against crime for property crimes (thefts in residence, thefts in commercial establishments and thefts of vehicles and from the interior of vehicles), from the 5th to the 12th of October, several operations were carried out, resulting in a total of 23 arrests “, can be read in a statement sent by PSP.

On average, three daily arrests were made by the security force, according to the statement released.