Two men were detained in the municipality of Tondela who tried to deceive the victim in a business involving assets valued at 485,000 euros

The Judiciary Police, through the Center’s Board, detained two men suspected of various crimes including counterfeiting. In the municipality of Tondela.

The victim of the fraudulent scheme was approached last November by two suspects, of foreign nationality, suggesting that they were businessmen living in Angola and that they proposed to buy furniture worth approximately 500,000 euros.

After a few meetings at a hotel in Lisbon for talks the suspect made the victims believe that they had personal and family ties to international organizations. The suspects undertook to pay for the furniture to be acquired in cash upon agreement.

At one meeting in Lisbon, the two suspects had a trolley suitcase, which they said contained two million euros.

In Tondela, the suspects chose the furniture they allegedly intended to acquire and pay, valued at approximately 485,000 euros. On this occasion, using some notes, the suspects demonstrated to their victim the alleged chemical process that would allow them to transform and clean up the notes they carried.

On July 19, the suspects went back to Tondela, where they met with the victim to finalize the furniture business and the chemical transformation of the notes, at which time they were detained by the Judicial Police in the act of committing a crime.

In the course of the police operation were seized the suitcase and the safe, containing the counterfeitl notes amounting to two million euros and the supposed chemicals needed for the processing and cleaning of the notes.