According to the Judiciary Police, the suspects belong to a “criminal association”

Three men suspected of attempted murder of PSP agents, robbery of a security company and criminal association, among other crimes, were detained by the Judiciary Police, police said today.

The detainees, with a criminal record and now remanded in custody, are charged with belonging to a criminal association, two attempted murders of PSP agents, as well as a felony robbery classified as a security company employee, who was a member of the crew of vehicle transporting of valuable. The incident took place inside the premises of the Continent Supermarket of Barreiro, on 17th October of 2016. There were a total of five robbers.

In the course of this criminal action, there was a confrontation between the robbers and the PSP agents responding to the incident, which resulted in the death of one of the robbers and serious injuries in another.

The trio now held by the National Counterterrorism Unit (UNCT

At the time, the group assaulted the commercial area around 11:30 pm, near closing time. The first patrol car arriving at the scene was targeted.

The two police officers who first came to the scene also suffered injuries – one of them was even run over by the suspects.

The assailants were wearing caps, gloves and bulletproof vests, and the PSP recovered a pistol, a revolver, an automatic firearm and a shotgun used in the robbery.

The persons were now detained after evidence had been brought during the investigation that led to their identification as participants in the crimes identified above.

The detainees have criminal records, were subjected to the first judicial interrogation being applied to them coercion measure of probation