The number of external automatic defibrillators (AEDs) in public places will skyrocket over the next few years, as well as the number of people trained to use them.

A government Working group has also recommended mandatory training also for the security forces.

Training in the use of such a life-saving device should be mandatory for safety forces, swimmers, lifeguards, aircrew, and other groups who, by their profession, are more exposed to situations of cardiac arrest.

It also recommends that schools, hotels, gyms, trains will be required to have them as well as trained personnel.

New drivers will have to know how to use a defibrillator

Defibrillators are devices that restore a normal heartbeat by sending an electric pulse or shock to the heart.

In June Albufeira became the only municipality in Portugal to have automatic defibrillators located at several key locations in the borough. The defibrillators are inside boxes installed outside public buildings on busy streets.

A total of 71 council workers, police officers and firefighters have been trained to use the equipment