Under the provisions of article 86, paragraph 13, b) of the Code of Criminal Procedure, the Attorney General’s Office and the Judicial Police have issued a statement.

In a criminal investigation involving terrorist crimes, in particular as regards the participation of national citizens in the ranks of the Islamic state, a police operation has been conducted to effect the arrest of an individual suspected of having provided support to combatants of that terrorist organization.

The police action occurred in the early hours of June 16, and a home search was carried out accordingly to the residence where the same person was located.

The citizen is now accused in the United Kingdom for several years, and from there he has developed various activities for the Islamic state, namely as support and facilitator to the movement of other nationals to the territories of Iraq and the north of Syria.

This investigation, which is still ongoing, is essentially limited to those residing in the national territory.

The defendant was present for judicial interrogation on Monday, 17, and the preventive custody measure was ordered.