The Metropolitan Police Command of Lisbon of the Public Security Police, in its area of ​​responsibility, continuing the objectives of prevention and deterrence of crime and illicit activities in general, carried out 81 operations in the period between 07h00 on December 22 and 07h00 on 29th December, and arrested 133 persons for the following:

  • 30 Driving under the influence of alcohol;
  • 24 Theft;
  • 19 Trafficking in drugs;
  • 18 Other Crimes;
  • 15 Driving without legal authorization;
  • 11 As a result of an Arrest Warrant;
  • 8 Resistance and coercion on employee;
  • 4 Illegal possession of a weapon;
  • 3 Disobedience; and
  • 1 Theft;

From the operational activity, it was possible to apprehend the following material: 42 Weapons, 4 blank weapons; 3 shotguns; 03 Shotguns; two rounds of 6.35 mm ammunition; one revolver, one weapon of calibre 7,65 mm; 98 rounds of ammunition.

Narcotics seized

13,518.06 Doses of narcotic product suspected of being Hashish;

1,100.35 Doses of narcotic product suspected to be Cocaine; and

81.70 Doses of narcotic product suspected of being Heroin.

Road accidents

  • Total Accidents: 348. Including one death; six seriously injured and 99 with slight injuries: