Lisbon, Jul. 26, 2019 (Lusa) – Portugal’s PSP police force is to ensure the security of critical infrastructures and strategic sectors, such as petrol stations, hypermarkets, airports and power plants, during a strike of heavy goods drivers in August, the force told Lusa.

The security of critical infrastructures and national strategic sectors is one of the measures that the PSP will adopt in the scope of a hauliers’ strike from 12 August.

The PSP is to also provide security escorts to columns of heavy goods vehicles within the framework of minimum or alternative services or with the appropriate means, namely through the intervention corps.

The police said that there will be police officers qualified to drive heavy goods vehicles, and a PSP tanker vehicle (operational logistics vehicle) is to be used to support and reserve the fuel supply for the police vehicles and to support the community if needed.

The PSP will also ensure safety at picket lines and traffic management on the main roads under its area of responsibility.

The PSP will mobilise all its territorial command capabilities for this mission during the drivers’ strike.

The notice of strike of the Independent Union of Merchandise Drivers (SIMM), and the National Union of Dangerous Goods Drivers (SNMMP) proposes minimum services of 25% throughout the national territory.

However, these unions and the haulier association ANTRAM have not agreed on minimum services.