The GNR through the Coastal Control Unit (UCC), delivered more than 38 tons of fish to social solidarity institutions during 2016, throughout the national territory.

Of the 128 tons of fish seized in 2016, after the obligatory submission to the sanitary inspection, about 38 tons were donated to social solidarity institutions, which corresponds to an additional 2.4 tons than in the year 2015.

Of this total value seized, a ton and a half of fish were still returned to the sea, as they were alive.

The UCC, with enforcement powers under the Land and Sea Fishing Law, also seized 166 tonnes of bivalves, 98 of which were returned to the aquatic environment as they were still alive, representing about 60% of the quantity seized.

During the various inspections carried out in the fisheries sector, the main infractions detected leading to the seizures were:

  • Non-compliance with minimum sizes for fishing and commercialization;
  • Lack of transport documents;
  • Not subject to the legal compliance concerning the first sale of fresh fish.