210 thousand euros were seized in cash and 7870 pairs of shoes

The Food and Economic Security Authority (ASAE) announced on Saturday 4th May 2018  the seizure of about 210 thousand euros in cash, the largest ever, and 7870 pairs of sports shoes in the municipality of Vila do Conde.

As a result of this action aimed at combating the counterfeit trading economy – called the Sapatilha d’Ouro operation – three criminal proceedings were instituted and one individual was accused as well as the company he represented, ASAE said in a statement.

As a result of the operation, carried out by the Northern Regional Unit, three establishments were inspected.

The seized footwear was reported to two major internationally renowned brands and was being marketed directly to the public as well as to other distributors and stockists.

The total value of the seizure, taking into account the market values ​​for this type of articles, amounts to about half a million euros, according to ASAE.