Although no lives were lost during the Monchique fires, there were injuries, houses and other properties destroyed or damaged; considerable destruction to the environment; death and injury of animals; people who have lost their homes and were displaced, and livelihoods affected.

Not only physical damage, but also psychological damage to those who lived through this terrifying ordeal.

With any incident of this magnitude, Government undertakes reviews to identify issues which went according to plan and importantly those where there are lessons to be learned. By doing this there is an opportunity to move forward and bring about changes where necessary.

A proposal made by Safe Communities Portugal to the Government last week, recommending that a direct channel be formed to enable individual members of the public who were affected, plus volunteer agencies who were on the ground, to share their first hand experiences and make suggestions for the future, has been agreed by the Ministry of Internal Administration.

This will be conducted under the Safe Village Safe people program

For those wishing to submit their observations and suggestions in English or Portuguese, can do this by using the following government email: . Views submitted will help in this review process.