More than 500 people were detained by the PSP during the “Carnival in Security 2019” operation, which ended on Tuesday and led to the seizure of more than 2,800 pyrotechnic articles.

According to the final figures of the operation, 501 people were arrested by the PSP, 165 of them for driving under an excess of alcohol, 94 for lack of driving license, 80 for drug trafficking and 78 for through enforcement of arrest warrants.

In a statement, PSP also indicates that during the operation, which ran from 7 am on February 26 to 24 hours on Tuesday, they arrested 19 people for theft, 13 for disobedience and four for assaults at police.

The operation “Carnival in Security 2019” aimed to reduce risk behaviour, strengthen road safety and prevent and suppress the illicit marketing of pyrotechnic articles.

According to the PSP statement, 16 firearms, eight blank weapons, 2841 pyrotechnic articles and 594 rounds of ammunition of various calibre were seized , as well as 2336 doses of various types of drugs.

The PSP identified 829 people for various reasons, 93 of them for drug use.

In the eight days of the operation, 699 road surveillance operations were carried out, 51 establishments were monitored in the context of private security activity and 234 other enforcement actions were undertaken, mostly in the area of ​​prevention of the sale of pyrotechnic articles and weapons / explosives.

In the field of road safety, 27,132 vehicles were inspected and 6092 road traffic violations were registered and assessed. In addition, 881 vehicles were detected for speeding, resulting in 169 minor, 661 serious and 61 very serious traffic offenses.

6,564 drivers were also tested at the blood alcohol level, and 133 were charged for having a higher rate than the legal minimum of 1.2g/l.

During the eight days of the operation “Carnival in Security 2019” PSP mobilized 7104 police, 1876 vehicles and 1689 other equipment.