The strike by SEF inspectors scheduled for 24th and 25th August will not now take place the president of the SEF Research and Inspection Career Union announced today.

Decision was made after a meeting with the Minister of Internal Administration

The announcement was made by Acácio Pereira, after a meeting at the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MAI). “The conditions are met so we can stop the strike,” he told reporters.

In a statement, the office of the Minister of Internal Affairs, Constança Urbano de Sousa, said that at the meeting “it was possible to reach a consensus regarding the positions of the Government and that Union”. One of the measures that contributed to this outcome was the authorization by the Ministry of Finance for the “external recruitment of 100 new inspectors, which adds to the internal competition that has already enabled this year to provide the SEF with 45 new inspectors.”

These competitions are joined by two others, each of 45 elements, with which the SEF will see its staff of the CIF strengthened in 235 new inspectors, the statement said. In these two cases, those of the first contest are already effective and those of the second are as trainees at the airport.

The ANA had already warned over the consequences of the strike at airports, advising passengers on flights out of the European space arriving in advance of four hours to minimize inconvenience.

The strike would have resulted in delays at Portugal’s main airports affecting flights to many destinations.