A boy aged 9 years old is in critical condition after being shot in the head by another boy aged 11 years, whilst playing “cops and robbers” with guns at Merelim, S. Palo, Braga on 9th October.

A few hours after the accident, the owner of the weapons, the victim’s uncle, was arrested by the Judicial Police of Braga. The gun is not legal and was reportedly not properly stored or secured.

After being admitted to Braga Hospital, at 17.30, the boy was transferred, by 19h40, for the service of Neurosurgery Pediatric Hospital of St. John in Porto. It has the bullet lodged in his head.

The uncle of the child will be heard this morning in the Judicial Court of Braga in the first judicial interrogation. He is indicted for possession of prohibited weapon crime. The INEM doctors gave support to children and family.

After the assessment by the Neurosurgery Hospital of Braga, it was concluded that the most correct was not making any surgical intervention and prior to transfer to St. John’s Hospital, “said yesterday Soraia Oliveira, head of the Emergency team of the hospital of Braga. The clinic said, “The boy is in very critical condition with the projectile lodged in the child’s head.

The boy who fired the shot is reportedly in a state of shock over the incident.