A couple in their 60s ran a clandestine veterinary clinic and have been detained on suspicion of qualified fraud, usurpation of duties and falsification of documents.

The suspects, a man and a woman, aged 62 and 66, were seen as veterinarians and ran a clandestine clinic at their home in Tavira. According to a statement from the GNR of Faro, the couple falsified vaccination bulletins of animals with a stamp that was not known and unknown in the Veterinary Medical Association in Portugal and Spain.

In the same space, they created and sold dogs of various breeds, from German shepherd, Labrador, Yorkshire terrier and pinscher, always with vaccination bulletins with falsified stamp and signature, adds the GNR SEPNA, that investigated the facts from July of 2018.

On Tuesday, after conducting four searches, one household and three in vehicles, 132 tubes for animal vaccination, 61 syringes and 192 needles were seized, three vials with solution for injections for dogs, medicines for dogs, business cards with the indication of activity and location of visas, two laptops, three mobile phones, various documents related to veterinary activity and a false stamp with veterinarian registrations.

“The area was still monitored, with 48 dogs reared without registration and license of the animals at the parish council, lacking a kennel license (required for a space with more than seven animals) and non-compliance with the requirements of sale of pet animals, and the respective records of mismanagement have been prepared, according to the GNR statement.

In the action were committed 23 soldiers of the Territorial Command of Faro, assisted by a Veterinary Medical of the Service of Food and Veterinary of the Region of the Algarve and a Veterinary Doctor of the Municipality of Tavira.