Eduardo Cabrita talked about the incidents of the last days in Lisbon and Setúbal. Minister said it was “under consideration” for police to be able to use video cameras in their uniforms.

Home Affairs Minister Eduardo Cabrita said on Tuesday he had “all the confidence” in the police, considering that “tranquility and serenity” are essential when there are incidents such as those registered in recent days in the districts of Lisbon and Setubal

“I have every confidence in the Portuguese police, all confidence in the police and all the certainty that, as is always the case, the circumstances under consideration will be evaluated in the ongoing investigation,” the official told reporters in Faro when asked about possible excesses on the part of the police.

The PSP reinforced on Tuesday the policing with elements of the Special Police Unit in Bela Vista, Setúbal, and in some areas of Loures and Odivelas (district of Lisbon), after incidents recorded during the night, with the launch of Molotov cocktails against a squadron and the burning of crates and cars.

The minister of Home Affairs, who was speaking to journalists after a four-hour meeting with local authorities, at the headquarters of the Intermunicipal Communities of the Algarve (AMAL) in Faro, also said that “the police may be able to use camcorders on the uniforms.

By classifying the incidents recorded as “specific phenomena”, Eduardo Cabrita stressed that “tranquility and serenity” are essential and ensured that “all matters that can be integrated in the framework of the investigation opened on the same day will be clarified.”

In a statement, PSP said it was continuing investigations into the incidents of the dawn of this Tuesday,