The Judiciary Police announced the arrest of seven people for the alleged scams and forgery of documents in several locations in the north of the country.

In a statement, the PJ said that in the development of “several ongoing investigations” it was possible to collect “strong evidence” that the suspects used different “modus operandi” to commit the crimes.

In this way, he added, they seized tens of thousands of euros , so far have been calculated values ​​over 75 thousand euros.

“In some situations, they would use false proxies to execute deeds of purchase and sale of other properties, appropriating the respective value of the sale, and in other cases, they believed that buyers who land with trees for sale were theirs, with the product of several sales, “said the PJ.

The PJ also explained that the defendants also made themselves known as managing partners of existing companies in the market, usurping their identities and celebrating, as such, lease agreements with financial entities, which ensured full payment to supplier companies, activating the contracts of lease after delivery of the goods.

The detainees, aged between 40 and 58, will be present at the first judicial interrogation.