The Regional Police of the Public Security Police of Madeira reports that, following a shooting incident in the Serra de Agua area, the PSP Ribeira Brava, have intercepted and detained a male person residing in Ribeira Brava, indicted for the possession of different weapons, detonators and a firearm. These included long barrel weapons and various munitions in conditions contrary to the legal regime of arms and ammunition.

The arrested suspect was also identified as allegedly shooting a person with a shotgun who subdued him, striking him in the lower and upper limbs. The assailant then left the scene with tendering any help to the victim.

The victim was transported to the hospital and was admitted but without any life threatening injuries.

In subsequent police investigations carried out in the locality jointly by patrols of the Ribeira Brava, Ponta do Sol, São Vicente and the Criminal Investigation unit, it was possible to recover and seize the firearm used in the attack, which had been hidden by the assailant.

The detainee was constituted defendant and subject to expiration of identity and residence. Evidence is being collected in collaboration with the Judicial Police, before determining the full nature of the incident..