All over the country, the main streets and arteries that, in normal situations, have a lot of movement, were almost deserted today. So it was the first Saturday with a curfew at 1 pm. (Report from Jornal de Notícias)


 Deserted streets and squares were the scene in the city of Bragança about half an hour after the curfew came into force. Shopkeepers in the historic centre began to close their doors before 1 pm and the few people who could still be seen on the streets were walking at a brisk pace, heading home.


Few cars on the road, empty parking spaces and deserted streets in the historic centre of Braga. Fifteen minutes after 1 pm, the curfew was already being fulfilled, with few people moving between Avenida da Liberdade and Rua do Souto, the main shopping areas. The few citizens who saw themselves on the street returned to the vehicles with a hurried step and hands occupied by shopping bags. The cafes and terraces, too, did not exceed the hours, and only the doors of the pharmacies were open after 1 pm.

São Brás de Alportel

It was not yet 1 pm and São Brás de Alportel was already silent. Residents gathered the house and several restaurants and commercial establishments anticipated the closing time, leaving the town practically deserted. The few vehicles circulating did so to arrive and not to leave. The void was only broken by the few who, at the windows and balconies, said they were “disgusted” with the measure they considered “unfair” for the municipality

Castelo Branco

It is like a lifeless city. A few minutes after the closure of commerce and hypermarkets, there was still some movement in Castelo Branco. People on the street or cars in circulation. At 2 pm, only petrol stations, service pharmacies and mini-markets remained open without expectations of high demand. The city centre, known for its outdoor cafes, was empty.


At about 3 pm this Saturday and two hours after the curfew imposed for this weekend, the city of Penafiel was practically deserted. The city, which popular people say, has an open-air shopping mall, had almost all of its shops closed (doors only open to those who have government authorization), did not have the usual customers to walk the streets and the usual bustle of order was missing.

Vila do Conde is a ghost town

Closed shops, nobody on the streets. Vila do Conde has been like this since 1 pm. After a morning rush to the hypermarkets, with lines at the stores of the main distribution chains, at lunchtime the city followed the government’s recommendations and took refuge at home.

Much commerce in Aveiro did not even open in the morning

The streets of the historic area of ​​Aveiro, usually full of life during the weekend, are deserted this Saturday afternoon. And even in the morning, very few people took to the streets. With the exception of a demonstration organized by restaurant businessmen, which ended at 12.55 pm, the movement in the city was minimal. The cafes that were open few customers had. And restaurants have mostly opted not to open doors, as have some local shops. At 1 pm, the few passers-by gathered the house, leaving only the essential services allowed, with open doors. The city was plunged into silence


In the morning, the city had some movement in particular in the area of ​​the Castle, since the weekly market of local producers takes place in Largo de Santo Amaro. If the curfew would already lead, by itself, to the people of Beja and the municipality having to stay at home, after 2 pm the rain came and left the city even more deserted and the establishments with closed doors.