Lisbon, 14 Nov 2019 (Lusa) – The Minister of Internal Affairs (MAI) said today “available to talk” and to “solve a set of issues” related to the PSP and the GNR, and does not invalidate the joint demonstration planned for 21 November.

Eduardo Cabrita had a first meeting in this legislature today, where he was reappointed as Minister of Internal Affairs, with the Association of Police Professionals (ASPP / PSP), Independent Union of Police Officers (SIAP), Union of Police Professionals (SPP), the Unified Public Security Police Union (SUP) and the National Union of Police Officers (SNOP), those who “have bargaining power” since the PSP Trade Union Law came into force.

Following the first meeting at MAI in Lisbon, which lasted about an hour and a half, Paulo Rodrigues, president of ASPP / PSP, told reporters that the minister said he was “available to talk and settle a range of issues” and that, including, “made some schedules to discuss some matters” which for unions “are very important.”

“He is ready to schedule in a short time to debate proposals for its resolution, namely those that are the basis of the joint demonstration of PSP and GNR scheduled for November 21”, including the remuneration table, said Paulo Rodrigues.

The union leader said that among the pressing issues were the law that monitors the working conditions, health, hygiene and safety at work of the police, which is a project that comes from the previous legislature and should be implemented as soon as possible.

“With regard to updating supplements or remuneration updating it is also available to do so (…) and there is another solution that has to do with the payment of vacation time supplements that have been withdrawn since 2011,” he said, adding that in 2018 the Supreme Administrative Court considered this cut illegal.

According to Paulo Rodrigues, Eduardo Cabrita said he is available to return these values ​​to the police, in a phased manner, and willing to present a proposal to that effect.

However, the trade union leader considered that these proposals of intention are not yet sufficient to make clear the manifestation of agents of the authority in Lisbon, reiterating that this prime minister and MAI himself during the four years of the legislature had time to analysze and study problems and that now is the time to act as soon as possible.

“We are available to talk and find solutions, but it has to be as soon as possible,” he said.

As for the demonstration on the 21st, focusing on the Marquês do Pombal, in Lisbon, and parade to São Bento, convened by ASPP / PSP and the Guard Association of GNR (APG / GNR), but which already has support From other trade union and associative structures, such as the so-called Zero Movement and whose composition is unknown, Paulo Rodrigues expressed the desire and the conviction that “it will be peaceful” and “very participated”, as there is much dissatisfaction within the Security Forces.

“We want the strength of this demonstration to be due to the quantity of PSP and GNR elements present and not for something already mentioned that there may be changes in public order. What we want is for the manifestation to run with all possible reason. We entered it rightly, with reasons to do it, and we want it to be completed for the same reason that led us to do it, ”he said.