The Santa Comba Dão Camara is recruiting volunteers to “assist in various social tasks” and to collect items, essentially to equip homes for people affected by the fires.

“We are recruiting volunteers to help with various social tasks,” the municipality announced today, through its website, in which it makes contacts by telephone (962 728 982) and e-mail (geral@cm-santacombadao .pt), through which those interested can contact.

The Camara of Santa Comba Dão, in the district of Viseu, also asks for help for people affected by the fires on Sunday, requesting the donation of goods such as furniture, equipment and kitchen utensils, bedding and mattresses, in short “everything that is necessary to equip and furnish the dwellings that have burned and will be rebuilt.”

The delivery of goods must be done in conjunction with the Municipal Civil Protection Service, underlines the Chamber, which also opened a bank account (PT50 0035 070800029527 330 41), to support the victims of the fires in the county.

There is also a lack of “machinery and means of cleaning, demolition and clearing”, warns the local authority, calling on “all private and public entities that have this type of equipment to make available to the service of the population.”

It is necessary to “reconcile all means, private and public, to start cleaning and recovery of the county as soon as possible,” states the Camara.

“The residents of Santa Cruz, should arrive as soon as possible to quantify the losses” resulting from the fires of Sunday, October 15, 2017, states the Chamber, which makes available online, in particular, its inventory records for private constructions agricultural areas and damage to agricultural and livestock farms.