On 18th September the GNR discovered an arsenal with nearly a hundred guns, thousands of rounds of ammunition and other materials during a house search, which took place in the village of Carrazeda de Ansiães in Bragança district.

The finding, in Pinhal locality of the Douro, “surprised” the military when they conducted the search warrants as ordered by a court into an investigation of the 79 year old owner. The individual is being investigated on suspicion of threatening people with a firearm and assaulting neighbours and domestic violence against his wife.

Despite the investigation for the crime of domestic violence, the couple continues to live together, and the man is not subject to any measure of coercion. The GNR seized almost a hundred guns, including hunting weapons, pistols, guns and air rifles. There also seized about five thousand ammunition of various calibres, five knives, various materials for reloading cartridges, gunpowder and other items.

According to the GNR, the individual has no professional activity related to arms. The authorities are also trying to ascertain for what purpose the suspect had in his possession such a large number of weapons.